Questions and Answers about Kriyavaspata

q: Are animals able to go into immortality as humans now can?

a: All kingdoms can now, even trees.

q: Do they transition in steps, such as going into God mind and then immortality as humans do?

a: No, it's less marked into stages and more gradual because they are not in linear mind to begin with. (See Secrets of the Hidden Realms)

q: Will they experience any symptoms their people should be aware of?

a: Healing will be rapid, assuming it is something like a cut. They may eat and drink less but still be healthy. They will definitely seem more mellow. Energy will either seem much lower or more exuberant, depending on the stages they go through.

q: Do all animals have immortality as an option?

a: Yes, but the owner's level of consciousness will definitely play a major role.

q: Will wild animals make this choice consciously or will it just happen?

a: Whereas domesticated animals are affected by their owners, wild animals are affected by the planetary consciousness.

q: How can we assist our pets in making this choice, if it is in fact a choice?

a: Their proximity to an owner making these transformations will be a sufficient impetus.

q: What advice would you give to those who want to develop telepathic communication with their pets?

a: Any extra-sensory capabilities are enhanced and developed by silence of the mind. It makes more energy available for these right-brain oriented gifts. Until someone has developed this silence of the mind as an advanced way of living (called mastery), practicing meditation and asking for those communications to occur will be the way. You will hear them telepathically as a thought within the silence of the mind. You could also empathically experience within yourself what they are feeling.

q: When animals are seen doing senseless cruel acts to one another, how should this be viewed? An example would be a video shown of a killer whale batting a live seal around. The narration said this went on for 30 minutes. Are we right to view them as pure and innocent?

a: They are mirrors of what we are. The human kingdom is the most complex expression of life on earth. We are a synthesis of other earthly kingdoms. Animals will change as humanity evolves. Fortunately, this is happening rapidly due to a massive earthly ascension that began February 2005.

q: Did the Infinite create all the animals on the Earth? For example, crocodiles donít seem as though they would have a place in a Heaven-On-Earth reality. Would they disappear or stay and have a purpose when there is no need to kill the weak in a herd?

a: Yes, animals were created to mirror the consciousness of man. If we are carnivorous, so are they. As we become more peaceful and life-enhancing, some species will be lost.

q: Please explain about animals being spared from suffering when we see them being starved, abused or inhumanly slaughtered.

a: Animals have angels and live out of body when they are in pain. Their bodies go through the motions, but they are spared the suffering.

q: If an animal goes through a horrible ordeal, do they leave the body for a period and return at some point?

a: Yes.

Miracle Story

“We had a week-long women’s class with Almine. All of us slept on sleeping bags in her home. Another of the students and I were talking about the way our little dogs would be missing us. That night the women were awakened by our two pets chasing one another through the house and jumping on the women in their sleeping bags. They were out of body, but we could still see and feel them.” ~ M. Colorado

q: If a pet has the potential to be a healer, how can we assist them with this gift?

a: There are incidents of dogs being taken to children’s hospital wards and spontaneous healings occurring around them. Pets respond to human needs. If healing abilities are to be developed, they need regular exposure so that they understand the need.

q: With the new healing modality, Kryavaspata, that you have brought to us through the Mother of All Creation, is it effective to do healing on more than one animal at once?

a: Yes, absolutely. The angel you call to assist will see to their needs as you request.

q: Could a herd of animals be healed as effectively as one individual could be if the intention was set for this result?

a: Yes.

q: If we wish to send healing to a whole species, such as the whales, can this be effective and how do you recommend it be done?

a: There is a series of sigils for this purpose.

q: Is there a benefit to humans in hugging their four-legged animals because of the animals’ chakras pointing toward earth and the stars?

a: The exchange of love is beneficial to animal and human. But hugging your pet with an agenda, the desire to get something from it, will deplete the pet.

q: Because of the new energy frequencies on Earth, do animals absorb nutrition more effectively, as humans do now?

a: If they mirror purity because there is love and harmony in their environment, their bodies will attract nutrition because of the cosmic law that similar matter attracts.

q: Is it common for animals to see elementals and fairies? Do they communicate with them at times or receive comfort from them?

a: Yes, they are often seen with interdimensional photography around animals.

q: Do animals have duties they have come to earth to perform?

a: Yes, they have contracts with humans to help them evolve. Their own evolution depends on it.

q: What happens to our animals when they leave earth?

a: They enter the spirit realms in the exact same way humans do. (See Secrets of the Hidden Realms)

q: For those owners grieving the loss of their pets, is there a way they can make contact with them?

a: They can speak to them during meditation, but they can also request that they reincarnate in a new pet that will end up with them again. The angels of animal reincarnation will see to that.

q: If there are non-physical beings such as devas or angels who assist animals, how can we call in their assistance?

a: Through Kryavaspata – the word means healing of mercy.

q: Are there any animals that are particularly prone to seeing interdimensionally? My cat seems to be playing with something invisible to me.

a: Yes, cats and crows are the mystics of our animal world. They see beings from the hidden realms quite easily. That is why they have been depicted as companions of those who work with the hidden realms.

q: Are there angels that work with animals that we can call on? My dog is very old and uncomfortable. It would make me happy to know she is being comforted.

a: Yes, there are, and they will most certainly come when you call. Their names are:

1. Birnava-el • comforts aged animals
2. Bruspa-umva-el • helps injuries in animals heal
3. Krunespa-kluva-el • comforts aged animals
4. Kirinaspa-el • helps animals transition
5. Paa-minva-el • helps animals who are lonely
6. Bru-taa-vek • helps animals transition to the spirit world
7. La-um-spa-vavek • helps animals make adjustments